Joy K Roy Chowdhury

Co-Founder & President, Narayanganj Photographic Club (NPC)

Joy from his childhood tried to create the wave of joy through his creativity through his unique way of depicting small things of life initially through paint and brush then through the lens. At the age of five years Joy started playing with brush and colors and within a short period of time his artistic mind got appreciated by his school teachers, friends and relatives the teen Joy got a small hot shot cam as a birthday from his parents. From that day silently a true lenses man was born. Whenever Joy got free time, or went for family trip he became totally involved in sketching the world around him through his camera. Gradually photography became a passion and a part of his life. He developed himself into serious photography when he started experimenting with different delicate lenses. Photography to him is canvassing the true color and joy of life. Throughout his journey of photography he tried his best to give us a unique ways of picturing an average incident in to a great phenomena. According to him capturing the true simplicity, emotion, pain, and pleasure of life into his eyes through the lens is his motto which in turn will inspire our next generation to explore the positive side of life more intrinsically. He is co-founder and president of Narayanganj Photographic Club (NPC) .