Faisal Azim

Director, Team Faisal Azim Production

I had completed my academic study in B.B.A and M.B.A (Management Studies) from University of Chittagong. Now I am the director of Photography and Cinematography firm named “Team Faisal Azim Production”. I am also working as a senior photographer with the renowned photo stock agency named “Photobank Gallery” and teach Photography at “CUET: Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology” , “Photoart Institute” and “ITHS : International Turkish Hope School” . I am also the Advisor at Chittagong University Photography Club (CUPS)”. I am also the director of a Café and Gallery named” Haatkhola”. I am the first Bangladeshi Photographer who has won National Geographic Award. Till now I had already achieved more than 35 international and national Awards, but I want to note among those the: • 2nd Prize in “National Geographic Traveler Photo contest 2015”. • “Atkins city escape Award” in the Atkins Ciwem Environmental photographer of the year 2014 • Gold medal Award at “SPECIAL PRIZE’’ category in the “75th Japan Asahi Shimbun Photo contest,2014 • 7th Emirates Photography Competition” Award 2012 • Special Award- Photo Fest Medal ” in the 4th International Bursa photograph festival’s photo contest 2014 • Highly commended hourly winner at “CBRE Urban Photographer of the Year” 2014 • 1st Prize FIAP Gold Medal and Izmir Göztepe Specialty Award in the 2nd International Photography Competition, held by İzmir Göztepe Rotary Club and Izmir Art of Photography Society in 2015 • Silver Award in “Better Photography” magazine “Photographer of the year 2015’’ photo contest. • Regional Winner (South Asia) in 2016 and Honorable mention Award in 2015 at CGAP photo contest. • AL-THANI Gold Medal Award (section: Worldwide, Color: digital) in “SAOUD AL-THANI international Photo contest, Qatar, 2015-2016. I conducted many Photographic workshop organized by different Organizations. I have done Judgment in some National Photographic Contests also. My photos exhibited in world’s different regions such as U.S.A, Germany, London, Australia, U.A.E, Turkey, India and Malaysia. His photographs, interview and features on him has been published in numerous national and international newspapers, magazines, journals in printed and web pages. On the other hand, I have the experienced in Commercial Photography (Events, Industrials, Documentation, Wedding, Products) for last 12 years. I have Awards in Wedding Photography also. I am the LIFETIME MEMBER of the organization “Wedding and Portrait Photographers of Bangladesh/WPPB”.