Zia Uddin


Mohammad Zia Uddin started his career as a production designer(Art Director), in the year 2004. After a few days of working he realized that, to make a good production design, one needs to have a good knowledge of frame composition. So, he bought a SLR camera in the year 2006. In the year 2007 he started to learn basic photography from MOHAMMAD RAKIBUL HASAN and took part in many photography group exhibitions and wasdoing many kinds of photography including landscape, portrait and lifestyle. He started doing commercial works from the year 2009, starting with wedding photography. Out of all my commercial photography works, JOIN BANGLADESH ARMY work of 2011 is a remarkable one. However later he quit wedding photography and continued advertising photography for renowned agencies and companies of Bangladesh, some of them are GP, TELETALK, AIRTEL, GREY DHAKA, ASIATIC, and OGILVY. Apart from this, He has been the lecturer for many workshops and worked as a curator for few exhibition s of 2016 Some of my achievements include, photos published in TALENT PHOTO magazine (2013), CANON PHOTO YOU Magazine (2013,2014) by editors choice and in BENGAL BARTA (2015,2016), DAILY STAR (2014), DHAKA TRIBUNE (2013). As an artist he likes paintings by Rembrandt. His way of playing with light and shade is what inspires him the most and he tries to learn as much as possible from his work and follow his work. Everyday he tries to improve his skills by practicing and learning, in order to be a better version of him as a photographer and he would like to continue this even in near future. He is really exciting to meet the new talents.